The website of this company looks good, but it has one flow – too much text and too many presentation pages for each type of paper offered. It is not like customers don’t need to know essential information about the service, but this quantity of content takes time to read. And students are always in a rush.

These essay services are based in UK and claim to provide academic papers at British standards. However, they also state that the writers hired have graduated from US, UK, or Canadian universities.

What is more, smartwritingservice.comconfesses that its customer support teams are not based in UK, but in Ukraine and Latvia. This method is very unprofessional – how could someone from Ukraine or Latvia know what writers from UK are doing? Not to mention that this statement makes everyone wonder if the writers are in-house or scattered around the world, too.

Types of services

Another sign that this may not be the best writing service online is that the website does not contain a separate page with services offered. Instead, the team has created a ton of other pages with each type of paper offered.
However, here are the services one can order from this company: essay, dissertation, thesis, term paper, research paper, personal statement, literature review, lab report, assignment writing, article review, speech, grant proposal, and more.

In the ordering calculating form, the papers are structured by five different academic levels: high school, undergraduate (years 1-2), undergraduate (years 3-4), Master and Doctoral.So first, students must pick their studying stage and then look for the type of paper they need. This method is mandatory, as not all kind of papers are available for every academic level.


The prices in here depend on several factors like the academic level, the number of pages, the urgency and the type of paper ordered. Also, there is a warning on the bottom of the ordering page, saying that the prices do not contain the VAT. As a result, European students will have to pay more for their papers.

Any paper, due to be delivered in 24 hours, costs $22 per page for high school level, $25 per page for undergraduate (years 1-2) level, $28 per page for undergraduate (years 3-4) level, $37 per page for master level and $48 per page for PhD level. But, be careful, these prices are available only for orders larger than 30 pages.

A term paper that must be completed in two days costs $19 per page for high school level, $22 per page for undergraduate (years 1-2) level, $25 per page for undergraduate (years 3-4) level, $32 per page for master level and $42 per page for PhD level.The prices go high suddenly when making the transition from the undergraduate level to Master and then to PhD. Thus, from an affordable service, becomes an expensive and unreachable online writing company.

According to essay services reviews online, businesses that use this method of price increase want to attract young students and make them believe papers will be forever cheap. But then, the quotes go wild and customers find themselves in a difficult financial situation.


In this company, in order to benefit from a discount, one must spend great amounts of money. This is a paradox – if students had plenty of money, they wouldn’t need discounts. But they need to save every single penny, so this discounting system is not quite efficient for them.

However, here are the offers. For sums larger than $500 spent on the website, customers get 5% off for all future orders. Then, when reaching $1000 spent on papers, they benefit from 10% lifetime discount. In the end, the greatest discount is of 15% for a lifetime, after investing $2000 in essays on this website.

In conclusion, one must have a good financial situation for getting to take advantage of the company’s offers.


In conclusion, this online essay writing service has a website crammed full with presentations of papers and makes it difficult for students to get through the information. Then, the writing team is not completely UK English native and the customer support center is made out of agents (freelancers, most probably) who work all over the world.

Customers cannot ask for different levels of quality, but only for certain academic levels corresponding to their studying stage. Next, there is a huge price difference between high school and undergraduate academic levels, and Master and Doctoral studies. Discounts don’t help anyone with this problem, because they depend on the amount of money spent on the website. In the end, European students must pay attention to another aspect, too – the prices displayed do not contain VAT.

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