Most students cringe at the thought of having to write a research essay, but the thing is that this is not that big of a challenge when you are well-prepared for what lies ahead. It all begins with choosing a topic. Here are 100 research essay topics that can help you do a great job. You can choose from argumentative and analytical ones in the most popular academic disciplines.


1. The role of psychology in 21st century marketing

2. Analysis of the key performance indicators for social media marketing

3. Compare and contrast the pricing strategies for SaaS

4. The best ways for local businesses to use online marketing

5. Comparison of Nike and Adidas branding strategies


6. Is a top-down management approach suitable for a startup?

7. How time management affects the productivity of employees

8. The factors behind the success of Amazon’s business model

9. Does mobile technology have a positive or negative impact on worker productivity?

10. Are family-owned companies at lower risk of failure?

11. The best practices for stimulating creativity in the workplace


12. The effects of the railroad on the US economy in the 19th century

13. Can a guaranteed minimum income reduce poverty?

14. The similarities and differences between monopoly and oligopoly

15. What will the economic effects of low-income families getting free homes be?

16. Is the economy of sharing here to stay?

17. The effects of Brexit on the British economy


18. The role of African Americans in the American Revolution

19. The rise to power of Catherine the Great of Russia

20. The effects of World War I on Germany

21. Was Fidel Castro a liberator or an oppressor?

22. Why did Byzantium survive much longer than the Western Roman Empire?

Media and Entertainment

23. The effects of internet censorship in China

24. Do media owned by large corporations report events objectively?

25. How religion is portrayed in movies made at the start of the 21st century

26. Should movie and TV show producers be required to include characters that represent minority groups?

27. The effects of Kung Fu movies on young men

28. Are looks becoming more important than music in the music industry?

29. Do celebrities lose their star status as a result of using social media?

Environmental Issues

30. What is the best way to prevent oil spills in the ocean?

31. Does the sale of cars used for over 10 years contribute to air pollution?

32. What are the effects of mountaintop mining on the environment?

33. Should farmers be allowed to kill predators to protect their livestock?

34. The effects of planting trees in cities on air pollution

35. The effects of banning plastic bags on the environment

36. Can IoT contribute to sustainable development?

37. How solar panels and wind turbines compare in terms of efficiency

Government and Politics

38. The role of armed opposition groups in states run by dictators

39. The effects of social media on election results

40. Should illiterate people be allowed to vote?

41. The role of the British Monarchy in 21st century politics

42. The effects of political ads on voters

International Matters

43. Does immigration increase the risk of terrorism in host countries?

44. The origins of the Darfur conflict

45. Is globalism a new form of colonialism?

46. The role of the Panama Canal in international trade

Natural Sciences

47. Why is it impossible to predict earthquakes?

48. How black holes are formed

49. Will the extinction of bees cause the end of the world?

50. Is autism the next stage of human evolution?

51. The causes and effects of desert mirages

52. The role of modern technology in forensic science

53. The ethical aspects of stem cell research

54. Social hierarchy in wolf packs


55. The role of makeup in the Ancient Egyptian culture

56. The effects of automation on human behavior

57. Human sacrifice as a part of the Aztec culture

58. The role of folklore in modern society

59. Do interfaith marriages contribute to multiculturalism?

60. The role of gladiators in Roman society

61. The effects of the Industrial Revolution on the British society

62. The educational effect of fairy tales


63. Are dreams the result of suppressed emotions and thoughts?

64. The effects of social networks on mental health

65. Is pop culture the main cause of eating disorders in young people today?

66. The effect of depression on immunity

67. Do people with higher than the average IQ have lower than the average EQ?

68. Reasons why humans are susceptible to fake news

69. How prejudices develop

70. The effects of borderline personality disorder

71. How false memories are formed

72. The essence of the Milgram experiment


73. Is any of the characters in Slaughterhouse-Five able to act upon their free will?

74. The role of omens in The Alchemist

75. Misogyny in Hamlet

76. How Thomas Hardy uses chance and coincidence in Far from the Madding Crowd

77. The polarity of existence in Waiting for Godot

78. Machismo in 100 Years of Solitude


79. Do nurses have better contact with patients than doctors?

80. The effects of nurses working overtime on the quality of healthcare services

81. Should nurses be allowed to prescribe medications?

82. How to improve the work of school nurses

83. Are nurses at greater risk of abuse by patients and their families compared to doctors?

84. Is geriatric nursing the most promising specialization?


85. Should schools across the country use standardized tests?

86. Should private schools receive government funding?

87. The levels of alcohol abuse among high school students

88. Should bachelor’s degree programs have length of 3 or 4 years?

89. What should the government do to reduce the high school dropout rate?

90. The effects of free university education on the economy

91. Can smartphones and tablets improve the learning experience of students?

Health and Nutrition

92. How tobacco causes addiction in people

93. The effects of abortion during adolescence on a woman

94. Do health websites increase the rate of self-treatment?

95. Can meat consumption from animals treated with antibiotics lead to antibiotic resistance?

96. The effects of dyslexia on the academic performance of students

97. How acupuncture works to provide pain relief to osteoarthritis patients

98. Is occasional depression something normal in modern society?

99. What is the risk of canned food contamination with BPA?

100. The effects of religion on mental health


101. What types of products should qualify for patent term extensions?

102. The treatment of homosexuality in the criminal law of Nigeria

103. When and how should law enforcement authorities be allowed to access encrypted communication?

104. The effects of the 2016 criminal justice system reform in Japan

105. Should children be allowed to resign in prison with an incarcerated parent?

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