If you frequently search for essay writing services online, chances are you have already read reviews for ProfEssays.com. This online academic help website has earned built a solid reputation and huge client base in the custom essay writing industry. Students and professionals alike recommend its services owing to its affordable rates, but it must be known that this company has a few more advantages that only return customers can attest to. In this essay service company review, we will discuss the many features of this company in order to help you arrive at a decision whether or not to purchase a custom paper.

Types of Services

The company possesses many strengths, but a key strength of ProfEssays has to be the vast range of subject fields that its writers specialize in. Its writers, who are all MA and PhD degree holders, are adept at just about any subject – the arts, business and commerce, biology, English, creative writing, health sciences, psychology, communications, literature, philosophy, engineering, history, political science, statistics, accounting, applications, information technology, and the humanities, among others. These subject fields are tackled in these categories:

  • Essay writing
  • Research paper writing
  • Thesis writing
  • Dissertation writing
  • Assignment help
  • College application writing
  • Admission essay writing
  • Personal statement help
  • CV or resume writing
  • Proofreading, editing, and formatting service
  • SWOT Analysis writing
  • Strategic Analysis writing
  • Business plan help service

Its academic writing services are wide-ranging and offers services for the more complex academic projects such as articles and article critiques, case studies, reaction papers, literary and critical analysis, lab reports, quantitative projects, and even PowerPoint presentations, copywriting, capstone projects. The more complicated thesis and dissertation writing service offered by ProfEssays is where the value for money of customers is at its best, because it is where the priceless expertise of its MA and PhD writers is demonstrated.


Its roster, comprised of the best professional academic writers in the world, easily makes ProfEssays one of the world’s most reliable and best essay services online. While it is given that students are almost always concerned about the quality of the work they receive, it cannot be denied that affordability is their foremost concern. In recognition of the financial capabilities of students, ProfEssays offers affordable rates that can fit in easily in the budget of students that can enable them to order their papers online.

The price depends entirely on two considerations: deadline and academic level (difficulty). With respect to the deadline, for instance, if you are ordering a standard essay or research paper that is no more than 5 pages, you can be assured to receive it on time if you set the deadline to 3 hours.  ProfEssays.com’s deadline system is such that the longer the deadline you set, the more affordable the rate becomes. However, the rate, it must be realized, remains the same after 7 days.

The academic levels are as follows: high school, college/university freshman, college/university sophomore, college/university junior, college/university senior, Master’s or Graduate Level, Doctoral Program or PhD, and professional (any industry).

The prices for an essay start at an affordable $16.95 per page for high school level (deadline of 7 days or beyond), and at a reasonable $60.95/page for a Doctoral PhD essay with a deadline of 3 hours. For a standard essay with a 24-hour deadline, a high school essay costs $24.95 per page, $26.95 per page for college/university freshman level, $27.95 per page for college/university sophomore level, $28.95 per page for college/university junior, $29.95 per page for college/university senior, $31.95 per page       for Graduate/Master’s level, $33.95 per page for Doctorate/PhD, and $31.95 per page for professional level.

Editing/proofreading services are where students and professionals can enjoy a satisfying bargain. For a deadline of 7 days or more, the rates are at $8.95 per page for for high school, $10.95 to $13.95 for college, $15.95 for Graduate/Master’s, $17.95 for Doctorate/PhD, and $15.95 for professional level. Even if the rates are higher for more urgent deadlines, the prices are simply too good and reasonable. ProfEssays.com’s editing/proofreading service must be the best-kept secret in the academic writing industry.

An industry player for more than a decade now, the quality-price balance of ProfEssays is commendable and highly recommended. Again, the presence of expert professional writers is the biggest difference maker.


ProfEssays has quite a unique discount program. All first-time clients are given a complimentary 15% discount, and can also be given by any of its support representatives. A client’s succeeding orders will not enjoy any discounts but there is a catch – the company’s loyalty discount program. Upon placing their first order, clients are provided with a personal ProfEssays account with which they can track their orders, as well as the accumulated amount of their purchases. The frequency of purchase then determines the loyalty discount that the client will enjoy.  Clients whose purchase total exceeds $500 shall automatically enjoy a 5% discount on all subsequent orders. If a client reaches $1000, a 7% discount shall be automatically given to all subsequent orders. And once the $2000 milestone is reached, a 10% discount on all subsequent orders.

Discount codes may also be offered on special occasions. If a client happens to have a discount code given by the company because of a special set of circumstances, they may enter the code during the order process.

ProfEssays also boasts of a “Friend Referral Program.” If you’re an existing client, you just need to register a friend prior to their purchase and you will receive 10% of their order’s amount, which reflects on your account balance. You may do this with as many friends as you wish, as long as they get registered prior to their purchase. You have the option of using your account balance to purchase a paper. This is the most unique feature of ProfEssays’ discount program. You earn “points,” just by being a client, so to speak.

The discount for first-timers and the loyalty discount program are features that can benefit both first-timers and loyal clients. Even if the loyalty discount can only be attained with a certain number of purchases, it is not a huge problem because of the quality of work and the unmatched professional experience that will surely make clients return.


The essay writing services that ProfEssays offers are severely underrated, to say the least. The website’s interface may look a little dated compared to those of new, up and coming essay writing services online, but when it comes to quality, professionalism, and experience, ProfEssays is second to none. In short, ProfEssays relies on actual service, not on advertising or aesthetics. But it could use some aesthetic enhancements in order to make it parallel to the superb quality of its essay writing services.

But even if ProfEssays seems unenticing to clients who are looking for that “millennial” feel, the wide range of its services, the exceptional calibre of its writers, and the professionalism, sensitivity, and intelligence of its 24/7 support team are simply too good to pass on.  ProfEssays is a remarkable experience overall and students owe it to themselves to try it. The interface improvement can come later.

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