The essay service from this provider will ensure you the essay that you need if you are not in a hurry. The company obviously has a lot of clients and you should be prepared for some delay and limited revisions.

Types of services has been offering its services for 12 years. This means a lot of writing projects completed and a really experienced team. According to their website, they have already helped 200,000 customers with their writing tasks.

The services of the company include essay writing, providing with a dissertation, a term paper; level coursework; assignment; GCSE Coursework, thesis; report, chart or others. Make sure to give detailed instructions what needs to be delivered.

Prices has quite reasonable prices which fit the budget of most of the students. The prices vary according your educational degree and to the deadline. Thus, if you manage to order your writing earlier, you will save some money. This will also give the freedom to ask for more revisions if you are not really satisfied with the quality of your paper:

  • For an essay, the quote per page vary from 11.30 dollars if the deadline is 20 days to 34.95 dollars if this is an urgent project which needs to be completed in 3 hours. These are the quotes for high school essays. The lowest quote for a college essay is 14.90 dollars per page; for undergraduate – 17.10; for Master – 22.90 and 23.90 for Ph. D. If you are in the Ph. D degree and need a really urgent essay, you will have to pay 44.95 dollars per page.
  • The fees from dissertation start from 14.95 dollars per page for Undergraduates, 19.95 dollars for Master and 21.95 dollars for Ph. D. The maximum prices vary from 27.95 dollars per pager for Undergraduates, 30.95 dollars for Master and 35.95 dollars for students from Ph. D. degree.
  • If you need editing, this will cost you from 7.60 dollars per page up to 29.75 dollars if you are Ph. D. student and need urgent editing.

Here is what you get for your money and what I really receive from when I pay them to write my essay:

  • A plagiarism-free content, checked with Copyscape. Thus, you will have no problems with plagiarism.
  • Strict meeting of all of your requirements even if you make some additions to them during the writing.
  • You can interact with your essay writer and discuss together your paper.
  • The company has a team of about 3,000 writers and editors. All of them have at least Master’s degrees. These professionals format and then proofread the papers in order to provide you with excellent quality.
  • You will receive a ready-to-submit paper on which you do not need to make corrections. Still, it is better at least to read it and to ask for some revisions if you need them.

Meeting the Deadline

This is the main problem with this provider. When you give your order on time, you will probably have no problems. But urgent projects sometimes do not have the desired quality. And then you will probably have no time for revisions. So, make sure to order your paper on time. Thus, you will have the time to revise it and ask for corrections. The team of is usually enthusiastic to make the desired corrections. Just, you need to provide them with enough time.

Summary will provide you with quality writing services. But the team of this provider definitely performs better when you give them enough time. So, if you aim an ‘A’ grade, make sure to order your paper early enough. If you have a highly limited time, this provider cannot guarantee you excellent results for an urgent project.

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