It’s a common misconception that narrative essays are the easiest to write. It’s true that it’s easier to describe a personal experience, but the essay should not be a simple description of events. When telling a story, you need to make a point. Just ask yourself what you want to tell your audience. To get a head start with this homework assignment, check out a selection of 100 excellent narrative essay topics. They are interesting and inspirational.
1. Your first time in a museum
2. The most memorable sports event that you’ve seen live or on TV
3. The best holiday that you’ve had
4. Your first crush
5. The most precious Christmas gift that you have received
6. A time when you overcame a major challenge
7. The wisest thing that your grandmother/grandfather told you
8. The most memorable school day for you
9. A time when you felt the most scared
10. A personal experience that you consider embarrassing
11. Your favorite academic discipline at school
12. A time when you learned a new skill
13. Your first love
14. A time when you were hurt
15. The smartest decision that you have ever made
16. A time when you got lost
17. A personal story of procrastination and its consequences
18. How your friendship with your best friend started and developed
19. An event that did not go as planned
20. A time when you have felt disrespect from others
21. Something bad that happened to you and made you stronger
22. A time when your intentions were misunderstood
23. The best experience that you have shared with your closest friend
24. A time when you wished your mom/dad was there to help you
25. The first time you made a presentation in front of your class
26. How you accomplished your most significant achievement outside of school
27. A difficult homework assignment that you tackled and got an A for
28. How you discovered your favorite hobby
29. A time when you helped a friend
30. Your first performance on stage
31. A personal experience that caused you to feel frustrated
32. A time when you received help from a complete stranger
33. An act of kindness that you will remember forever
34. A personal experience of rejection
35. Your first meeting with a new sibling
36. A time when you defended someone who could not do it themselves
37. The most memorable school trip
38. A time when you had good intentions, but it all went wrong
39. The biggest mischief you have pulled off
40. A time when your favorite sports team achieved a major victory
41. How you discovered a talent of yours
42. A move to a new home
43. A time when you had a difference of opinion with your teacher
44. A personal story related to your favorite song
45. Your reaction to a major recent event (natural, economic, political)
46. A time when you opposed your parents
47. The most dangerous experience in your life
48. A time when you helped someone who was sad feel better
49. How you made an important decision in your life
50. A time when a person proved your first impressions of them were wrong
51. The first time when you traveled on a plane/train/boat
52. A time when you contemplated between two alternatives
53. Your experience with someone who you did not like at first, but then became your friend
54. A time when you felt completely independent
55. How a person influenced your life in a good way
56. A time when you helped a stranger on the street
57. Something that you did and had to apologize for you to your parents
58. A time when you hurt someone unintentionally
59. An experience that changed your opinion on an important matter
60. The most serious argument that you have had with your parents
61. A time when you saw your teacher in a different light
62. What you have learned from your favorite book
63. The time when you felt the most grateful for what you had
64. Your experience with trying a new thing
65. A time when a person betrayed your trust
66. The biggest surprise that someone has organized for you
67. A time when you felt helpless
68. The most precious memory you have with a pet
69. A time when you had to make a compromise
70. How you got an A on an exam
71. A time when you failed despite doing everything possible to succeed
72. How you helped a fellow student with homework
73. A time when you felt truly proud of yourself
74. An event that had a major positive/negative impact on your studies
75. A time when you won a prize
76. How you drifted apart from a friend over time
77. A time when you experienced peer pressure
78. A mystery that you solved
79. A time when you took a risk
80. How a close person helped you overcome a difficult moment in your life
81. A time when you felt insecure
82. The funniest thing which has ever happened to you
83. A time when you were tempted to do something wrong, but resisted the temptation
84. The first time when you wrote an essay
85. How you forgave someone who had hurt you
86. A day which had a bad start and a good end
87. How you made a boring experience more fun
88. A time when you acted in anger
89. The first time when you conducted a lab experiment
90. Something that you did and have deep regrets about
91. A time when a friend asked for more than you could give
92. How someone deceived you
93. An event the outcome of which you did not expect
94. A time when you felt that your teacher did not appreciate your efforts
95. The best lesson your parents have taught you
96. A time when a person showed their true colors
97. A family story that inspired you
98. Your most memorable team work experience
99. A time when you gained more confidence in yourself
100. The sweetest thing that you have done for someone
101. How you handled a breakup
102. A time you cried in front of someone and how it made you feel
103. A time when your closest friend refused to help you
104. A time when you felt like your superior at work did not appreciate your input
105. A time when you placed a bet in a casino and lost
The selection of narrative essay topics listed above is quite diverse, so it’s easy to pick the perfect one for you. When you come up with a title, you can make it sound more personal or philosophical. You can even incorporate a quote by a famous person to make an even better impression on your teacher. Get started with writing your narrative essay right away.

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