Are informative essays easy or difficult to write? The purpose of such an essay is to introduce a particular topic without presenting your opinion and without providing evidence to build an argument. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should just make a few statements. You will still have to do research so that you can present a detailed as well as balanced overview of a particular topic. Here are 100 informative essay topics to choose from. They are divided into knowledge areas to make things easier for you. Pick the one you are genuinely interested in.


  1. Shakespeare’s tragedies
  2. Medieval Spanish literature
  3. The work of Robert Frost
  4. Modern Italian Drama
  5. British romantic poetry
  6. The world of Harry Potter
  7. Feminist literature
  8. The significance of James Joyce’s “Ulysses”
  9. Patriotism in American poetry
  10. Five great Greek tragedies


  1. The reign of Queen Victoria
  2. Abolitionism in the United States
  3. The Russian Revolution
  4. The Belle Epoque in Europe
  5. The Cuban Missile Crisis
  6. The Vietnam War
  7. Hitler’s rise to power
  8. Samurai in Japan

Political Science

  1. Plato’s theory of the ideal state
  2. The United States Congress
  3. Plurality voting systems
  4. Current Chinese foreign policy
  5. Athenian democracy
  6. Contemporary feminist political theory
  7. Absolutism in France
  8. Russia’s foreign policy under Putin since 2012


  1. Business plan
  2. The franchise business model
  3. Human resources management software
  4. Legal structures for startups
  5. Supply chain management in healthcare


  1. Pareto efficiency
  2. The Great Depression in the United States
  3. The International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  4. The Third World Debt Crisis
  5. The Bretton Woods system of monetary management
  6. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
  7. The Four Asian Tigers


  1. SWOT Analysis
  2. Social media advertising
  3. The Ansoff Matrix
  4. Consumer market segmentation
  5. The marketing mix
  6. Customer relationship management

Media and Entertainment

  1. Violence on TV
  2. Breaking news reporting
  3. The portrayal of religion in movies
  4. Ethnical diversity in Hollywood
  5. Women in journalism

Health and Nutrition

  1. Plastic surgery
  2. Social anxiety
  3. Workplace ergonomics
  4. Asperger’s disorder
  5. The vegan lifestyle
  6. Alcohol addiction
  7. The Paleo diet
  8. Stress in the workplace
  9. Alzheimer’s disease
  10. Anorexia in adolescence
  11. Nicotine addiction


  1. Computer viruses
  2. Snapchat
  3. Mobile operating systems
  4. Facebook
  5. Virtual reality headsets

Environmental Issues

  1. Global warming
  2. Nuclear power
  3. Hydraulic fracking
  4. Tidal power
  5. Melting polar ice caps
  6. Electric cars


  1. Liberal arts colleges
  2. Montessori education
  3. Physical education in schools
  4. Corporal punishment
  5. Dropping out of college


  1. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  2. Burnout syndrome
  3. Attachment Theory
  4. Classical conditioning – Pavlov’s dog
  5. Agoraphobia
  6. Biased sampling
  7. Marxist psychology
  8. Smartphone addiction


  1. Kantian ethics
  2. The Age of Enlightenment in philosophy
  3. Friedrich Nietzsche’s Ubermensch


  1. The work of Claude Monet
  2. The Dutch Masters
  3. The work of Mozart
  4. Romantic music (style)
  5. The work of Paul Gauguin
  6. The Ballets Russes
  7. Venus de Milo
  8. Comic books
  9. Contemporary dance


  1. Illegal immigration
  2. Domestic violence
  3. Time management
  4. Poverty in the United States
  5. Exotic pets
  6. Plastic surgery
  7. Lotteries
  8. Procrastination
  9. Freedom

Now that you are familiar with a huge list of informative essay topics, you will benefit from some tips on how to do research, as well as how to write an essay. In general, you can modify the topic to make it narrower if it appears to be very broad. You can be as specific as you like provided that you have enough information to dwell upon when you start writing.

How to conduct research for your informative essay? You should check a variety of sources. You can make references to books and online sources or specialized websites. The more diverse your research is, the better. You should try to use statistical data whenever possible. You can also include expert views on the topic in question. Just present them as they are without making any comments. You should try to give your audience a well-rounded overview of the subject. For this reason, you should familiarize yourself with the opinions of as many prominent experts as you can find.

The structure of an informative essay is quite simple. You should start by presenting the topic in a few sentences. If a definition is required, you should provide it in the first paragraph. Use the subsequent paragraphs to talk about different aspects of the topic. You should try to start with the most important ones. The conclusion should be a summary of the topic. You should cover all major aspects without going into explanation.

What about the level of detail? This depends on the requirements of your teacher. Stick to the required volume whether it’s a number of pages or a specific word count. If you have to write a two-page essay, for instance, you should try to make the paragraphs presenting different aspects of the topic straightforward. Don’t go into detail as it can do more harm than good to your essay. You can always add details when revising your first draft if necessary. Generally, you should always outline the structure of the essay before you start writing. This is a key rule you need to stick to.

You shouldn’t find it particularly difficult to write an informative essay. Just follow the advice mentioned here and the requirements which your teacher has provided you with. Remember that while you are supposed to present the topic objectively, you should still use a sophisticated style. Don’t just state one fact after another. Provide an explanation that your audience will understand. When revising your first draft, check for bias just to be on the safe side. You shouldn’t be judgmental in any way.

It’s now time to choose one of the informative essay topics and get down to research and writing. Remember that practice makes perfect.

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