It’s a well-known fact that expository essay assignments are extremely common in high school and during the first two years of college. This type of essay is focused on the investigation of an idea. This can be done in several ways – through definition, analysis and comparison. The assignment is challenging, but you can get help immediately. Check out 100 expository essay topics, and feel free to use them right away.


  1. Causes and effects of frictional unemployment
  2. Comparison of the economies of France and Germany
  3. The effects of the 2007-2008 financial crisis on the US economy
  4. Government spending as an instrument for increasing consumption
  5. The effects of online and mobile banking on employment in the financial sector
  6. The effects of Colonialism on the modern economies in the Caribbean region

  7. Is it more difficult for millennials to build wealth than for their parents?


  1. How bullying in schools can be prevented
  2. Student diversity at Ivy League schools
  3. The effects of time management on academic performance
  4. The role of fraternities and sororities in colleges
  5. The best way to prepare for an exam
  6. How to pay for college without getting into great debt
  7. The causes of racism in schools
  8. Family influence on the choice of college major
  9. The effects of ability grouping in the classroom
  10. Is it easier for multilingual students to learn new languages?
  11. How a student’s essay writing skills can affect their career prospects?
  12. Is getting a master’s degree right after college worth it?

Ecology and the Environment

  1. The effects of animal poaching
  2. Are self-sustaining homes the future?
  3. The effects of GMOs on the natural environment
  4. Are there viable alternatives to plastic bags?
  5. The effects of farming on wildlife habitats in Africa
  6. How LED lighting compares to incandescent lighting
  7. The impact of veganism on the natural environment
  8. The causes of deforestation


  1. Effects of the democratic leadership style in the technology industry
  2. How can a company handle bullying clients?
  3. The most effective cash flow management practices
  4. Financing for new companies
  5. The effects of a shorter work shift on productivity
  6. How email communication within the company can become more effective
  7. The use of ratio analysis in company management
  8. The effects of the 4-Drive model of employee motivation
  9. The importance of business sustainability
  10. Should every brand have a mobile app?
  11. The effects of mobile CRM on the productivity of salespersons

Government and Politics

  1. Which voting system is the fairest?
  2. The effects of stricter immigration control
  3. The role of social media in modern election campaigns
  4. The effects of the government hiding information on the state of the national economy
  5. Does globalization diminish the role of national governments?
  6. How corporations can influence the decisions made by politicians
  7. Will social security become obsolete?
  8. How the work of NGOs can affect government policies?
  9. What would the effects of free healthcare for everyone be?

Health and Nutrition

  1. What is the healthiest way to lose weight?
  2. The best way to help a friend who suffers from anxiety
  3. Is it possible to have a healthy diet on a low budget?
  4. The role of exercise in the treatment of osteoarthritis
  5. The major causes of depression in college students
  6. The effects of the Atkins diet on heart health
  7. Group therapy for video game addiction
  8. Can hypnosis help people lose weight?
  9. What are the causes of the rise in allergy cases?
  10. Should children follow a vegan diet?
  11. Why is depression on the rise in the United States?
  12. The effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy for treating phobias
  13. Is organic food really healthier?
  14. The effects of alcohol on adolescents
  15. Comparison of the approaches to treating bulimia


  1. The effects of taking selfies on one’s self-image
  2. How wireless internet connectivity changes communication
  3. What jobs can robots do better than people?
  4. Do social media use tricks to make people addicted to using them?
  5. How modern communication technology affects business ethics
  6. Are mobile apps a temporary technological phenomenon?
  7. How the sharing of content through modern technology affects the entertainment industry
  8. How important are digital skills for finding a job these days?
  9. Does modern reproductive technology cause people to delay starting a family
  10. The effects of social media on personal security

Social Matters

  1. The role of religion in modern society
  2. Is divorce good or bad for families?
  3. How breaking the law as a juvenile can shape a person’s future
  4. The effects of women getting a longer maternity leave on their children
  5. What causes victims of domestic abuse to put up with it
  6. The different treatment of male and female siblings in a family
  7. The impact of materialism on relationships
  8. The effects of the tiger mother parenting method on children
  9. What affects a couple’s decision to choose how many children to have?
  10. Is arguing a part of a healthy relationship?

Media and Entertainment

  1. Do people copy the behavior of their favorite movie characters subconsciously?
  2. Are social media helpful or harmful for modern journalists?
  3. Should events described in the Bible be portrayed in movies?
  4. The role of ethics in modern journalism
  5. Do movies based on books discourage or encourage people to read?
  6. What is the future of print media?
  7. The effects of fake news websites on the public
  8. Why are people highly interested in celebrity news?
  9. The role of vlogs in online interaction
  10. How dangerous is it to be a journalist these days?
  11. What is the future of television?
  12. The effects of advertising on consumerism
  13. How relevant are newspapers nowadays?


  1. How to get the right mindset for a sports game
  2. When is the death penalty justified?
  3. How can a person achieve work-life balance?
  4. Should police officers receive harsher punishment for breaking the law?
  5. Multiculturalism in Australia
  6. Do spiritual people overcome personal losses more easily?
  7. Is ignorance a bliss?
  8. Is fashion art?
  9. Do you expect repayment for a good deed?
  10. Can money bring you happiness?

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