This essay service has a basic website with little information about the business. However, essential data is missing for these presentations. For example, we don’t know anything about the writing team – who completes the papers, what academic degrees do they hold and in what field, how many years of experience do they have in this working domain, and whether or not they are English native speakers.

On the other side, the company has developed a blog, a testimonials page and one with essay samples. But the most important page missing from the website is the one with all the services offered. Instead, the team is proud to say that they donate money from the business’ income to help save the wild tigers. It is a noble act indeed (provided that it’s true).

Types of services

As mentioned before, the website does not have a separate page for services. These can be found in the least important place of a website – at the very bottom of each page. Honestly, no one takes the time to scroll that far and it is a very bad spot for placing such essential information.
Here is what types of services one can order from essay writing, research paper writing, academic writing (including dissertation, thesis, case study, course work, term paper and speech), business writing (meaning resume, business plan, cover letter, personal statement, and report), and homework.


Even if the company has mentioned several types of writing services offered, unlike other best online essay services out there, it does not have a list of prices for every single kind of paper. Instead, it has published a table with four categories: writing from scratch, editing/proofreading, multiple choice questions and problem solving.

The final sum for these services depends on two factors – the deadline and the academic level (undergraduate, bachelor, professional and admission help). As about the deadlines – the longest one is of 14 days and the shortest one is of three hours.

Therefore, writing from scratch a paper that must be delivered in 24 hours costs $23 per page for undergraduate level, $27 per page for bachelor level, $35 per page for professional level and $72 per page for admission help. The prices are quite high, not to mention that the admission help costs a fortune for each page.

From this point of view, the company is taking advantage of students’ desperate need of assistance in getting into college. It is not a normal thing to do and according to essay service review online, websites that act this way care about only one thing – making as much money as possible.

Further on, editing and proofreading a paper in 24 hours costs $14 per page for undergraduate level, $16 per page for bachelor level, $21 per page for professional level and $43 per page for admission help. Again, the price for admission assistance is huge. Actually, for this amount of money, students can buy an admission letter, written from scratch, from other online companies.

In the end, it is important to mention that none of these prices contain the VAT, mandatory for European customers.


First time clients get 10% discount, but this one cannot be used on the first order. Thus, students pay the total sum of the order and benefit from this bonus only the second time they buy papers from These bonuses are kept in the client’sStore credit balance. With every order, students gain more bonuses that can be used for future purchases.

There are other types of discounts, too. For example, for orders over $500, the company offers 5% discount. Then, customers who buy papers for more than $1000, get 10% off.
All discounts are conditioned by one rule – the order must be higher than $30. Discount programs cannot be combined.

In conclusion, there are little chances of benefiting from lower prices on this website, if you are a poor student. This is because the company offers discounts only to the ones willing to spend large amounts of money on orders. As a result, the services are not accessible to the ordinary students from all over the world.


This online essay writing company lacks two important things from its website – the Services page and the instant calculator for orders. Then, the assistance offered does not cover all possible papers that a student may need and the prices are not transparent, as the team did not publish a list with quotes for every type of product.

Next, the prices for assignment help are just huge – no normal student has the possibility of paying that much for this service. Not to mention that the discounts are based on the spending principle, being available for wealthy and returning customers.

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