offers all sorts of writing services to high school, college, and even graduate students. In that respect, it is pretty versatile. The list of its services includes writing essays, term papers, theses, coursework, homework, book reposts, research papers, dissertations, and a whole slew of other academic papers. For more information, you will have to check out their site, which is well-designed, and easy to navigate. As you will be able to see, they offer essay services for academic levels. In addition to that, if you are looking for an editor or a proofreader to improve your work and spot mistakes, they also have that listed as a service. Proofreading and editing services are free for every paper you order from them.

Types of services

Despite their versatility, we have to point out that their services are not of equal quality, and even those that are decent can vary from time to time. You would expect an essay service to only use native writers to put together challenging academic papers. But, they use international writers, which is certainly nice, but most of them lack the writing skill to cope with such a demanding task, and they write average papers as a result. And while average might be sometimes good enough to get you out of a tough spot, you would still expect to get an essay which is well-researched and written, and unfortunately, that is not always the case with this company.


As far as reliability is concerned, this website certainly falls into the category of those that are fairly reliable. At first, the essay writer we were paired up with was available and very responsive during all stages of writing. However, once they have deliver the finished paper, we realized that is was lacking some data, so we asked for a revision, which the writer accepted. But, what we got back was our paper with a few sentences reworded and expanded, and not much else. We had to ask them revise it again, and therefor lost precious time. Again, they are not unreliable, but be prepared to waste a bit of time due to papers that are sometimes lacking.


When it comes to the price of their essay writing, you will be pleased to find that EssayHave will not be too harsh on your wallet. Luckily, they are well-aware of the fact that their customers are high school and college students without much money to burn, so they go easy on the prices, which is commendable. However, keep in mind that the quality of their writing may vary, depending on the literary skills of the writer writing your paper. They are very affordable, but the results they produce acceptable, not brilliant.

Special Offers

If you are looking for some sort of discount or a special offer, this is not the best place to be. Not only will you not get the best essay for your money, but you will also have to pay a full price for it the first time, which is not the usual practice in the industry. However, they do offer a 5% discount once the volume of your orders exceeds more than $500, 10% if you order more than $1000 worth of their services, and 15% for more than $2000. This is ok, but it’s hard to imagine anyone ordering this many papers in order to enjoy the benefit of a discount.


EssayHave is a decent writing service that offers papers written on time, for the most part, and which are of average quality. Nothing too flashy, and nothing too cringe-worthy. They are not expensive, but they don’t offer much in terms of special offers either.

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