You’ve been hoping for an easy assignment? Here it is – you are asked to write a descriptive essay. As its name implies, the task is to describe something: it could be a person, an object, any emotion, an event, a process or an experience. The possibilities are endless. Still, the start is usually the most challenging part. To make it easy, choose from one of the 100 descriptive essay topics listed here. No matter whether you are in high school or in college, you will surely find at least one which is ideal for you.

1. Your current academic goal
2. A vivid childhood memory
3. A person that you have great respect for
4. The view out of your window
5. Your best friend
6. The most memorable school event in the current year
7. The most beautiful painting that you have seen
8. Your first-grade teacher
9. Your perfect vacation
10. The most stressful time of your life
11. Something funny that has happened to you
12. A person that has taught you wisdom
13. Your favorite book character
14. An experience that has changed your life
15. The house that you grew up in
16. How you deal with writing an essay
17. The ideal bedroom setting for you
18. How you feel before giving a presentation in class
19. The wild animal that is most fascinating for you
20. The first boy/girl that you fancied
21. Your dream car
22. How you think your city will change in the future
23. What it would be like to live in another country (of your choice)
24. Your favorite video game
25. Graduation day
26. What you would do differently if you were your favorite movie character
27. An achievement that you are very proud of
28. An animal that you are scared of
29. The ideal occupation for you
30. How you want your peers to treat each other
31. An alien
32. Your favorite hobby
33. Your hero

34. The most relaxing activity for you
35. How you would feel if you met your favorite musician
36. Watching your favorite sports team play against their biggest rival
37. The country/city which you think is the best place to live
38. A natural phenomenon (rainbow, blizzard, tornado, aurora)
39. The biggest challenge in your life to date
40. Getting lost in a strange neighborhood or city
41. A place where you love hanging out with your friends
42. Your favorite food
43. How you feel when you are presented with a gift
44. What it would be like to walk on the Moon
45. The craziest thing that you have done
46. Playing your favorite sport
47. The most difficult homework assignment that you have been given
48. The best way to spend a day outdoors
49. Your worst nightmare
50. A person who has disappointed you
51. How you act and feel when you meet a person for the first time
52. The most exciting adventure sport
53. The scariest person that you know
54. A trip back in time
55. How you learned to do something (swim, bake, drive a car)
56. An event that has made you a better person
57. Your biggest fear
58. The best cruise trip
59. A beautiful flower arrangement
60. What sorcerers do
61. The perfect day on the beach
62. The most extravagant outfit
63. Waiting in a long line
64. The ideal workplace for you
65. What you would wear to a 19th century ball
66. Life inside a beehive
67. The most dangerous place on the planet for you
68. The kindest person that you know
69. A construction site
70. The occupation that you admire the most
71. How you see yourself 10 years from now
72. Your ideal partner
73. The perfect meal for you
74. A company that you’d like to work for when you graduate
75. The last thing you thought about before going to bed last night
76. An athlete that you look up to
77. The best party that you have been to
78. What your grandparents did when they were your age
79. Your next-door neighbor
80. Something that you did when you were younger, but you no longer do
81. What it is like to live in Antarctica
82. The car of the future
83. The most peaceful place for you
84. A sibling or a cousin
85. Walking through a ghost town
86. The life of blue whales
87. How you would act and feel if you went on a space trip
88. Your favorite building in your city
89. Meeting a long-lost friend in the street
90. A roller coaster ride
91. How you feel when you eat your favorite food
92. A movie set
93. A party where you don’t know anyone
94. Running a marathon
95. Something that you have done to impress another person
96. The cutest animal
97. How your parents react when you get an A/F
98. Your dream smartphone
99. A public figure that you admire
100. What you would do if you won the lottery
101. Your favorite restaurant in town
102. Your favorite place to get coffee
103. What you would do if you became president
104. How you usually spend your weekend
105. How you feel when you need to go to the hospital
While writing a descriptive essay is fairly easy, you will surely benefit from having some tips at your disposal. When selecting from the descriptive essay topics mentioned here, choose the one that is truly interesting for you or that you care about deeply. Keep in mind that you can modify it as much as you like if you think that this will help you do a better job.
Perhaps the most important thing that you must not forget is that you are required to write an essay and not simply describe something. Students in high school and college are expected to demonstrate a high level of creativity and go in great detail in terms of the chosen topic. If you decide to describe a person, for example, you should not focus on their looks but on their views and actions, as well as how they influence you.
It’s now time to choose from the descriptive essay topics and get started with the writing process. Best of luck to you!

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