It’s a well-known fact that controversial essay topics are among the most fascinating ones to dwell upon, especially for argumentative essays. It’s easy to find plenty of sources and to build a strong argument to support your opinion. Check out 100 controversial topics for essays which that are both relevant and interesting.


1. Should abortion be legalized everywhere?
2. Should the sale of marijuana become legal?
3. Should the use of drones be regulated?
4. Should wage equality between women and men be stapled by law?
5. Should prostitution be made legal?
6. Should deceased organ donation be made mandatory by law?
7. Should death penalty be abolished everywhere?
8. Should gun ownership by members of the public be banned?
9. Should parents be held legally responsible for crimes committed by their underage children?
Ethical, Religious and Social Matters

10. Should same-sex couples be allowed to wed in religious temples?
11. Is the assisted suicide of a terminally ill patient moral?
12. Have religious holidays been taken over by consumerism?
13. Does donating money to poor people make them even more dependent?
14. Do interfaith marriages help to bring people closer together?
15. Is there racism towards Caucasians?
16. Can torturing a person be justified if it could help to save others?
17. Should men be encouraged to become stay-at-home fathers?
18. Should parents exercise control over the relationships of their teenage children?
19. Is lying justified when it is meant to protect someone?
20. Can body shaming motivate people to lose weight?
21. Should there be separate public bathrooms for transgender people?

Economics and Business

22. Do free trade deals benefit less well-off countries?
23. Are family-owned businesses more stable than public companies?
24. Is the state of the economy the main factor for the birth rate decline in most European countries?
25. Will an increase in the minimum wage make all people better-off?
26. Is sharing economy a temporary phenomenon?
27. Can protectionism help to reduce unemployment permanently?
28. Is income equality beneficial for the economy?
29. Does the advancement of technology have a significant negative impact on jobs in the banking industry?
30. Should the minting of coins stop?
31. Will the European Union countries be better off out of the EU?
32. Does progressive tax improve income equality?


33. Are alternative cancer treatments effective?
34. Is child vaccination good or bad?
35. Is forced feeding an effective treatment for anorexia?
36. Do cigarette label warnings help to reduce the incidences of lung cancer?
37. Do slim people really have a lower risk of developing heart disease, all other things being equal?
38. Can moderate to severe depression be cured without antidepressants?
39. Should obesity be considered a disease?
40. Can virtual reality help hospital patients deal with isolation?
41. Are antibiotics used excessively for the treatment of disease?
42. Should birth control pills and devices be made free for women?


43. Is the vegan diet healthy?
44. Are diets based on the person’s blood type effective?
45. Should there be a minimum age limit for the sale of high-fat foods like there is for tobacco and alcohol?
46. Is cow milk good or bad for adults?
47. Is intermittent fasting effective for weight loss?
48. Will banning free soda refills help to fight obesity?
49. Should restaurants be required to display the calories of their offerings in the menu?
Environmental Issues

50. Is global warming actually caused by man’s activity?
51. Is the use of fossil fuels the biggest threat to the environment?
52. Should all new cars be electric?
53. Can roads with solar panels make communities greener?
54. Should animal hunting be banned completely?
55. Is emission trading effective for reducing pollution?
56. Is deforestation a genuine problem given that forests are renewable?

Government and Politics

57. Should there be a low upper limit for political donations?
58. Should companies be required to hire a fixed number of migrants to promote integration?
59. Does the government violate human rights if it shuts down the internet in the country?
60. Should the police use drones for surveillance?
61. Can building border walls help to stop immigration?
62. Is alternative voting a reliable system for election?
63. Are homeless shelters helping to solve the problem of homelessness?
64. Is there equal gender representation in politics?


65. Do social media contribute to the rise of depression cases?
66. Should children in elementary school get their own personal laptop or tablet?
67. Will the internet make books obsolete?
68. Should NASA revive their moon program?
69. Can robots replace human workers completely in the next 50 years?
70. Should Google control the display of search results on controversial topics such as bomb making?
71. Do people behave differently online compared to the “real world”?


72. Should single-gender schools be banned?
73. Should private schools receive government funding?
74. Should high schools run regular drug tests on students?
75. Should there be standardized tests for university admission nationwide?
76. Should doing sports be made compulsory for college students?
77. Should higher education be free and reserved for the brightest of students only?
78. Should school uniforms be banned?
79. Should participating in team sports be made mandatory for students in school?
80. Should students provide feedback on the work of their teachers?
81. Should preadolescent students receive sexual education?
82. Should community service be a mandatory part of high school and college education?

Media and Entertainment

83. Should video games with violence be banned?
84. Do social medial make people more obsessed with the lives of celebrities?
85. Do romantic movies make men more romantic?
86. Will TV channels become a thing of the past in 20 years?
87. Should newspapers offer more recreational content?
88. Are modern media completely unbiased?
89. Are space movies realistic?


90. Should medals be withdrawn from the entire team if one member has broken the rules?
91. Do great players make great coaches?
92. Should athletes be forced to retire after a certain age?
93. Does the growing cost of participating in sports put children off?
94. Should athletes taking performance-enhancing drugs due to a medical condition be allowed to take part in the Olympics?
95. Do sports become overly commercialized?


96. Is money the primary factor for measuring success?
97. Can winning the lottery bring you lasting happiness?
98. Is the simplest solution always the best?
99. Are more rational people more content with their life?
100. Should we always trust our instincts?
101. Have we become too dependent on technology?
102. Do people choose a romantic partner based on their appearance?
103. Is there a fair tax system in the world?
104. Should beauty pageants be banned?
105. Should there be a law that requires everyone to recycle?

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