Compare and contrast essays are among the most challenging types of written homework assignments. There are several tricky moments to consider. The first and most challenging one is choosing a topic that you are going to write about. Here are 100 compare and contrast essay topics that will make it super easy for you to overcome this first challenge.


1. World War I and World War II

2. French Revolution and American Revolution

3. Benito Mussolini and Mao Zedong

4. Slavery and apartheid

5. The unification of Italy and of Germany

6. Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln

7. Korean War and Vietnam War


8. Hamlet and Macbeth (characters or plays)

9. The Scarlet Letter and The Great Gatsby

10. The works of William Shakespeare and Anton Chekhov

11. Waiting for Godot and No Man’s Land

12. Les Miserables and Tale of Two Cities

13. Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn (characters)

14. War and Peace and Pride and Prejudice

Art and Music

15. Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo

16. Classical music and Jazz

17. Art Nouveau and Art Deco

18. Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin

19. Baroque music and romantic music

20. Graffiti art and pop art

21. Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali

22. The Beatles and Spice Girls

Political Science

23. The Ancient Greek and Roman political systems

24. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

25. Majority electoral systems and proportional representation

26. Republicans and Democrats in the United States

27. Secular states and religious states

28. Margaret Thatcher and Angela Merkel

29. Democracy and autocracy


30. Plato and Aristotle

31. Thomas Hobbes and John Locke

32. David Hume and Emanuel Kant

Economics and Business

33. Keynesian economics and monetarist economics

34. Domino’s and Pizza Hut

35. The invisible hand and government regulation

36. Top-down and bottom-up company management

37. Market economy and command economy

38. The marketing of Coca-Cola and Pepsi

39. Investing in real estate and in stocks

40. Samsung and Huawei

41. Online marketing and traditional marketing

42. Investing in stocks and in bonds


43. Instagram and Pinterest

44. Tablets and smartphones

45. Gasoline cars and electric cars

46. E-books and audio books

47. Android and iOS

48. Communication online and face to face

49. Augmented reality and virtual reality

Natural Sciences

50. The DNA of humans and the DNA of chimpanzees

51. Nuclear energy and solar energy

52. Sharks and killer whales

53. Salt and sugar

54. Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes

55. Panspermia and Abiogenesis

56. Astronomy and astrology

57. Wind turbines and solar panels

58. Hurricanes and blizzards

59. Bees and ants


60. Private and public schools

61. Online education and classroom education

62. Boarding schools and day schools

63. Big city and small town colleges

64. Home schooling and traditional schooling


65. Beautiful Mind and The Imitation Game

66. Divergent and The Hunger Games

67. The Twilight Saga and Harry Potter

68. Dead Poets Society and The Good Will Hunting

69. Silvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger

70. Mary Poppins and Nanny McPhee

71. Walt Disney and Hayao Miyazaki

72. Al Pacino and Robert De Niro

73. Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe

Health and Nutrition

74. Depression and anxiety

75. The common cold and seasonal flu

76. Anorexia and bulimia

77. Homemade food and frozen dinners

78. Smoking and drug addiction

79. Coffee and green tea

Media and Entertainment

80. Reality shows and soap operas

81. Larry King and David Letterman

82. Pop singers and opera singers

83. Newspapers and news websites

84. Reality TV celebrities and movie stars

85. James Corden and Jimmy Fallon

86. Watching movies and playing video games

87. Going to the movie theatre and watching a movie at home


88. Civil unions and marriage

89. Christopher Columbus and Yuri Gagarin

90. The Egyptian pyramids and Stonehenge

91. Discoveries and inventions

92. Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova

93. The Ancient Egyptian and Mayan cultures

94. Makeup and plastic surgery

95. Paganism and Christianity

96. Self-employment and wage employment

97. Apartment living and single-family home living

98. Sports and art

99. Books and movies

100. City and country lifestyle

101. Learning a new language online and in the classroom

102. Buying a car and using a taxi service

103. Morning larks and night owls

104. Netflix and Hulu

105. Having a roommate and living alone

Go on and pick a topic that you really like. It’s a good idea to do some research online before you make up your mind as it will give you a better sense of the amount of sources and other helpful materials which will be available to you. Remember that you can always modify or narrow it down so that it becomes easier to write an essay. How do you write a compare and contrast essay?

You should start with conducting a research study. Find out as much as possible about the two objects that you will be comparing. It’s essential that you explore all aspects related to them. If you are comparing two painters, for example, you will have to look at their personal life and how it has affected their work.

Comparing and contrasting means that you will have to outline both the similarities and differences between the two objects. It’s a good idea to create a chart with them as a part of your preparatory work. This will help you ensure that you are not going miss anything important when you start writing your essay.

The next big step is to come up with a thesis statement. It may seem strange but compare and contrast essays follow the same basic principles as the argumentative ones. In the thesis statement, you need to express your opinion which you will then have to support with evidence in the following paragraphs. It is perfectly fine to have a controversial thesis, as long as you have strong reasoning which you can back up with data, expert opinions or other pieces of credible information that you have found in various sources.

You should keep in mind that in order to get the highest possible grade you must use reliable sources correctly. It is preferable to use recent publications as sources to support your claims. Generally, the more recent it is, the better. When you use a book written by an expert in the respective field, note the year to get a better understanding of the knowledge and technology which was available to scientists and scholars at the time.

It’s time you start working on your essay. With the help of the compare and contrast essay topics and the tips shared here, you will certainly do a great job.

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