You thought college would be easy, but reality doesn’t quite match your expectations. If you find writing essays particularly challenging, here you will find 100 college essay topics in the most popular majors to help you get a head start. They are quite diverse and can be easily modified to meet your needs and requirements precisely. Let’s begin.

Political Science

1. The recruitment of children as soldiers in Africa

2. The influence of celebrity supporters on the campaigns of politicians

3. The effects of government restrictions imposed on the media in modern countries

4. The most common causes of riots against elected governments

5. Government policies for the integration of minorities in EU countries

6. The role of committee investigations in modern governments

7. Is political corruption the main cause of poverty in developing countries?


8. Compare the economic theories of Marx and Keynes

9. The effects of the internet of things (IoT) on the economy

10. Does increasing government spending have a long-term positive effect on GDP?

11. The negative consequences of smoking

12. The effects of oil prices on the economy of the United States in the 21st century

13. Why do command economies fail?

14. The role of the International Monetary Fund in Grenada

15. What are the causes of the rise of China as an economic superpower?

Natural Sciences

16. Structure, operation and performance of the diesel engine

17. The role of genetics in preventing disease

18. What are the causes of coastal erosion?

19. Is antibiotic resistance a threat to public health?

20. Analysis of the rings of Saturn

21. Can we expect a universal cancer cure in the next 20 years?

22. Social organization of orca pods

23. Comparison of theories on the origin of life on our planet

International Relations

24. Is the military attack on foreign countries that have not declared war justified?

25. The effects of globalization on France

26. How important is etiquette in modern international relations?

27. Does NATO help to improve international relations?

28. The effects of mass immigration on racism in host countries

29. Comparison of the relations of Russia (USSR) and the USA before and after the Cold War


30. The effects of mobile technology on local businesses

31. Comparison of mergers and acquisitions

32. Analysis of key performance indicators for the automotive industry in the United States

33. The best financial management practices in the sport industry

34. Comparison of Unilever and Nestle

35. Will performance-based remuneration improve productivity?

36. Analysis of supply chain management in tourism

37. Comparison of the Amazon and eBay business models

38. The role of LinkedIn in recruitment


39. What are the causes of eating disorders in adolescents?

40. Can questioning by investigators alter the memory of eyewitnesses of crimes?

41. Causes and effects of the Stockholm syndrome

42. The effects of aging on mental health

43. The impact of traumatic events on human behavior

44. Can cognitive behavioral therapy be effective in the treatment of depression when used without antidepressants?

45. Is there a link between obesity and mental health?

46. What are the causes of social anxiety disorder?

47. Is there a link between phobias and heart disease?


48. Are the 4 P’s of marketing still relevant?

49. Which are the most popular social networks for local business marketing and why?

50. Comparison of online advertising and content marketing

51. Is celebrity endorsement the most effective marketing tactic in the cosmetics industry?

52. Does test marketing produce reliable and useful results?

53. Analysis of the consumer decision making process


54. Comparative analysis of sexual harassment cases

55. Analysis of the Egyptian laws protecting women from sexual violence

56. How effective is intellectual property law in protecting the rights of music artists?

57. Should there be laws regulating the activities of cults?

58. Does Indian law protect human rights adequately?

59. Should the use of drones be regulated by the authorities?

60. Should juvenile offenders be punished for felonies in the same way as adults?

61. Comparison of the intercountry adoption systems of Turkey and the United States

62. Should narcotics be decriminalized?


63. What are the most effective ways for treating patients with dementia?

64. Should midwives provide psychological support to patients?

65. Is there discrimination against male nurses?

66. Should nurses receive more on-the-job training?

67. How do night shifts affect the productivity of nurses?

68. Analysis of the handling of abusive patients

69. What is the role of nurses in sex education of youth?

70. How important are communication skills for nurses?

71. Should overweight nurses work with obese patients?

72. Leadership in the field of nursing


73. Hester Prynne as a feminist figure

74. Comparison of The Decameron and The Canterbury Tales

75. What is the role of the Chorus in Antigone?

76. Compare and contrast Hamlet and Laertes

77. What is the attitude towards social class in the novel Don Quixote?

78. How does Virginia Wolf treat the matter of the female body in A Room of One’s Own?


79. When is the best time for children to begin school?

80. Should teachers be replaced with computers?

81. Is there gender discrimination in the field of teaching?

82. Compare and contrast the Montessori and Waldorf methods of teaching

83. Should high school students learn through games?

84. Does physical education contribute to the academic performance of students?

85. Should there be a maximum age for college admission?

86. Is the interest in education dropping among school students?

Social Matters

87. The effects of racial identity on self-image

88. Employment income inequalities between women and men

89. The effects of feminism on divorce rates

90. How important are family meals?

91. The effects of interracial adoption on children


92. Was the Cuban Missile Crisis the hottest point of the Cold War?

93. Compare and contrast Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union under Stalin

94. The role of propaganda in World War II

95. Were the Dark Ages a time of cultural regression?

96. How did the Pol Pot regime shape modern Cambodia?

Art and Music

97. Comparison of Greek and Renaissance sculpture

98. The significance of Madonna’s music in modern popular culture

99. Analysis of Van Gogh’s Starry Night

100. The influence of religion on art

101. Adele and her impact on the music industry

102. The importance of music education for kids

103. The impact of the Woodstock Music and Art Festival on the industry

104. Understanding Edvard Munch

105. Are political cartoons the new art form?

You can always “play around” with these college essay topics and modify them to make them simpler, more complex and possibly even more interesting. Don’t forget to check the availability of credible resources regarding the topics that you consider dwelling upon. Good luck with essay writing!

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