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Among the different types of essays, the argumentative ones are the hardest to write because they are usually lengthy and require extensive research. You must come up with an original thesis and use evidence to support it. One of the major challenges is choosing a topic. Here is a list of 100 argumentative essay topics which are original and inspirational. They are divided into categories to make things even easier for you.


1. Should animal testing be banned?

2. Is it appropriate for art with scenes of violence to be displayed in museums?

3. Does freedom of speech give people the right to express their hate?

4. Should parents stay together for the sake of their children?

5. Are religious people more moral?

6. Should there be beauty pageants for children?

7. Are arranged marriages acceptable in modern society?

8. Should athletes with medical conditions be allowed to take banned performance-enhancing drugs?

9. Is the physical punishment of children moral?

10. Is abortion morally acceptable?

Health and Nutrition

11. Should women over 40 receive IVF treatment?

12. Is child obesity on the rise because of processed foods?

13. Is fashion responsible for anorexia in teenage girls?

14. Are low-carbohydrate diets healthy?

15. Does stress increase the risk of cancer?

16. Is veganism a healthy lifestyle choice?

17. Can diabetes type 2 be cured with lifestyle changes?

18. Will making unhealthy foods more expensive help fight obesity?

19. Are people with anxiety disorder at higher risk of heart disease?

20. Is intrinsic motivation the main factor for successful addiction treatment?


21. Should paper notebooks be replaced by computers in schools?

22. Does homeschooling provide well-rounded education?

23. Should the use of mobile phones within school grounds be banned?

24. Do children raised by a single parent have more difficulties at school?

25. Should students be required to wear a uniform at school?

26. Should music and art be extracurricular activities only?

27. Should single-gender schools be banned?

28. Can peer pressure stimulate students to do better?

29. Should children receive religious education in schools?

30. Can online education become the norm?

Green Living and the Environment

31. Is global warming caused by men?

32. Can electric cars solve the air pollution problem in big cities?

33. Does hunting have a negative or positive impact on the environment?

34. Should homeowners receive grants for installing solar panels?

35. Does paying for plastic bags in supermarkets help the environment?

36. Does nuclear energy production help to reduce pollution?

37. Does consumer waste recycling have a significant positive effect on the environment?

38. Should oil and gas exploration be allowed in natural reserves?

39. Is wildlife watching good or bad for preserving animal species?

40. Does reduced electricity consumption in homes help the natural environment?

Media and Communication

41. Does violence on TV promote violence in the real world?

42. Is story coverage by the media always objective?

43. Should parents monitor the online activities of teenagers?

44. Does abundant sexual content online have adverse impact on relationships?

45. Should celebrity stories be featured on the news?

46. Can reality TV replace scripted TV shows completely?

47. Do media affect our body image perception negatively?

48. Will print media become extinct in the next 20 years?

49. Is it acceptable for journalists to show emotion when reporting events?

50. Can social media replace traditional news websites and channels?


51. What should the legal age for marriage be?

52. Should cigarettes and tobacco products become illegal?

53. Can conflict be prevented with the banning of nuclear weapons?

54. Should the use of marijuana become legal?

55. Are more severe restrictions on firearm ownership and use necessary?

56. Should prostitution become legal?

57. Does the death penalty help prevent murders?

58. Should driving under influence be a criminal offence?

59. Should immigration regulations be tightened?

60. Do correctional facilities really help to correct the behavior of criminals?

Social and Family Matters

61. Do social networks affects relationships positively or negatively?

62. Should single people and couples be treated the same way in adoption?

63. Do cross-cultural marriages improve tolerance in society?

64. Should parenting classes be made compulsory for future parents?

65. Is breastfeeding in public acceptable?

66. Should teenagers be allowed to undergo aesthetic plastic surgery?

67. Should couples be required to undergo counselling before they are allowed to divorce?

68. Are open adoptions more beneficial for adopted children?

69. Should organ donation be made mandatory?

70. Is polygamy good for relationships?


71. Does modern technology threaten jobs?

72. How does technology use from an early age affect cognitive development?

73. Will voice commands make typing obsolete?

74. Should the use of modern technology lead to reduction in work hours?

75. Can smartphones and tablets replace desktop computers and laptops completely?

76. Should the use and development of GMOs be banned?

77. Should employers be banned from sending emails to employees after work hours?

78. Does modern communication technology make personal interactions more difficult?

79. Should parents be allowed to determine the genetics of their children?

80. Will artificial intelligence make machines smarter than people?


81. Does free trade benefit developing countries?

82. Is the setting of a minimum wage economically justified?

83. Do economic sanctions against other countries favor local companies?

84. Does immigration help the country’s economy?

85. Do social benefits help to eradicate poverty?

86. Should the government regulate the prices of necessities?

87. Is the national economy affected adversely by high obesity rates?

88. Should unemployed people be given cash to start their own business?

89. Is market regulation beneficial in the beginning of the 21st century?

90. Can climate change have positive impact on the economy?

Government and Politics

91. Is war a justified instrument of foreign policy?

92. Does our election system allow for appropriate representation of all voters?

93. Should members of the parliament/legislature receive partial immunity from prosecution?

94. Should people without secondary education be allowed to vote?

95. Are female politicians subject to discrimination?

96. Is constitutional monarchy an outdated form of government?

97. Should voting in elections become compulsory?

98. Does the government influence the decisions of courts?

99. Is there a way to eliminate corruption in government and politics?

100. Should politicians be allowed to accept donations from corporations?

When choosing between the argumentative essay topics offered here, consider your knowledge in the respective subject and the availability of sources for your research. Remember that the stronger the evidence in supporting your argument is, the higher grade you will get.

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